We insure our mobile phones, our pets, and cars and the list goes on but too often we have inadequate protection for ourselves or our family. The statistics tell us 1 in 2 of us will get some form or cancer in our lifetime, which is why we believe there is never a bad time to review your financial protection.

Everyones need is different. Whether making sure the roof stays over your family head or protecting your family lifestyle and pay the bills in unforeseen circumstance, our advisors can help advise on the right policy with the most competitive rates.

Home Insurance

At The Mortgage House we’ll work with you to asses you have the right level of protection to protect your home and its contents gains a wide range of risks.

Buildings insurance is a mandatory requirement that all lenders want to know is going to be in place when when your buying a property or remortgaging. Have peace of mind knowing the full cost of repair or full rebuild will be covered in the case of a fire, flooding, theft, storm damage and more.

Contents is insurance is also important. Contents insurance isn’t compulsory but offer any homeowner valuable protection for their belongings stolen or damaged.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides a lump sum of money, paid to your dependant family in the even of your death.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides you with a tax free lump sum of money in the event you are diagnosed with a common defined critical illness. whether to pay off your mortgage or receive a lump sum it is designed to take the financial burden off you in such a difficult time. 

Income Protection

Income protection in the event or accident or sickness income protection insurance provides you with a monthly income to cover a proportion of your salary, ensuring your bills are paid and peace of mind.

Next Steps…

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